How I Met Your Mother Confessions
legendary gang members online ------- This is a blog on which some confessions about the series How I Met Your Mother will be posted.These are anonymous submissions and confessions, you can submit your confession through askbox. Thanks everyone! You can find confessions by tag in the navigation. Have fun with the blog! ------------------------------------- askbox is open :)
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Anonymous asked:
Hey there, you haven't been around, we miss your confessions here. Other than that I would love to get to know the owner of this wonderful blog, do you have a personal blog or another web page we can contact you? Sorry if my english is poor. Thanks already.

thank you, i’ve been busy lately. i’m not on tumblr that much but i have a personal twitter, i don’t write in english that much cause it’s not my first language but i can share it in any case, i’ll be glad if it helps, feel free to contact me. take care.

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